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Neither bilingualism nor many years of experience, nor having lived abroad are any guarantee that a translation will meet high quality standards. All that counts is the quality of the finished text.

In my German translations, you will not find phrases that seem “woolly” because the translator wasn’t sure about the meaning, or sentences that let the source language “shine through”. 

In order to achieve an unvaryingly high level of quality I apply a consistent process of quality assurance that includes several rounds of meticulous proofreading.

My prices are based on either the volume of work (words, characters) or the number of hours needed to complete a job. Offering clients value for money is one of my top priorities. Each assignment is defined by different parameters, ranging from the degree of difficulty to the requested delivery date and the format to be used (for example, a PowerPoint presentation can take longer to translate than a “normal” Word document). For this reason, I do not believe that a general price list is particularly useful. I will, however, be more than happy to work out a specific cost estimate for your request – just e-mail me the text you wish to have translated. Needless to say, this places you under no obligation.

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Commerce is the general heading for the wide range of subject areas that are ...



I have a good grasp of political issues in Germany and on the international ...



  • Experienced, expert provider of quality translations
  • Numerous published translations (including books on politics, nature, travel... see book page )
  • Strict quality assurance  

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