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When translating into German, my mother tongue, my major strengths are accuracy and getting the tone right every time. These are backed up by some very important “secondary virtues” – such as flexibility and reliability plus a commitment to meeting delivery deadlines under all circumstances.

I am a quick learner when confronted with new subject areas, and have gained experience in many fields during my translation career. These are the subject areas that I am particularly familiar with:


Top of the list in this area are my assignments from investment companies, such as monthly reviews, brochures, presentations, fund manager videos – I have worked in this field for many years and am familiar with its terminology and subtleties. Analyst reports and market analyses also form part of my portfolio.


Marketing includes everything that must “read well”; corporate profiles and presentations, for example, promotional letters, product descriptions, brochures of every kind as well as advertising copy.


My focus on aviation derives from my personal fascination with everything that flies or has to do with flying (I hold European and US private pilot licences). I was thrilled to be able to translate a number of documentaries on the subject.

Property sector

Property market research as well as the analysis of properties and how best to utilize them is another field in which I have consider­able experience. I have translated various studies for international real estate agents.


Commerce is the general heading for the wide range of subject areas that are the daily routine of the “business translator”. Both my university studies and personal interests allow me to feel at home dealing with economic topics.


On account of my long-standing work for newspaper and magazine publishers, I have a good grasp of political issues in Germany and on the international stage. I admit to being a news junkie.

I usually do all translations myself rather than outsourcing jobs to other translators. However, if a project is too large or if the requested delivery date prohibits this approach, I can always draw on the help of qualified colleagues. In these cases I will take responsibility for project management and quality assurance.

My office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software. Any files and documents sent to me are in safe hands. My response times are usually very short.

Client feedback

I was more than pleased with the copy that you provided.”
Dubbing studio

II like your translation very much and will send you the final ad once everything is finished so that you have a chance to 'admire' the final product.”
Investment company

Thank you for the prompt delivery of an excellent translation!”
Advertising agency



  • Experienced, expert provider of quality translations
  • Regular participation in advanced training courses
  • Member of ADÜ Nord and BDÜ (both are professional translators’ associations)

Book translations

Jared Diamond: The Third Chimpanzee; The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal.
S. Fischer, Frankfurt

Carter, Steven, und Sokol, Julia: He’s scared, she’s scared.
Krüger, Frankfurt

McLeod, Catherine: Travel Guide Indonesia.
Berlitz, Oxford.


ADÜ Nord


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